July 17th, 2005


the end is the end


I went to Siren Festival yesterday for the third time in the last 5 years. It was bloody hot and my ankles now hurt. I am not going to that show again unless I am VIP, I could see through the fence where these minor celebrities and their even less important friends and acquaintances were in air conditioned tents getting catered barbeque. It shall be mine.

In other news, I am super stoked about Zizek! The Movie as Slavoj is one of my most favorite people. Theory that makes you laugh, cry, smile, get excited. I felt that way about Derrida but his doc ended up being a little dry. Let's hope this one makes people realize that academes can--indeed--be total lunatic rock stars.

Oh yeah and for those about to rock: Destination Diamonds, baby
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