blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

always square peg round hole.

I don't know what I am doing with myself anymore.
I re-opened my profile on I'm gonna see if I can be successful at finally getting some dates (I mean that is what I am supposed to be doing at 22, right?).
I was thinking I would bring a date a week over to my place for the weekly Thursday performance night. I would, of course, let everyone in the house know I was doing it, but wouldn't tell the person. That could count as my weekly performance. I could stand up and introduce the person and ask people to pass the scorecards over to me. Would that be humiliating? I think if the person were humiliated, it is instantly a sign that we are not compatible...
I dunno, I am still waiting to get a response. I sent out a few collect calls. I hope I get one response at least.
A guy at my work wants to go an event at SOB's with him but I don't want to go alone with him and give him the wrong idea. I feel bad but I gotta be honest. I am a picky girl with a penchant for cute artsy boys with fit sexy bodies.
Oh God, I am losing it, let me a get a date soon. For chrissake.

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