blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

my weekend

On Friday night I stayed home with some housemates and supervised a party being held by some local kids in our performance space. This party was insane. They were fighting and drinking like crazy and snorting so much coke. I sat up in the kitchen til about 3:30 in the morning talking to these crazy Romanian kids whose jaws clicked left and right (apparently a tick brought on from coke use) as they talked and talked nervously. My favorite among them was Gabe whose only contact with the world outside of New York or Romania was a two year stay in Utah. He wants to go back. I told him he should get out of here as soon as possible. These kids are actually really wonderful with good hearts, they're just in a fucked situation and have gone through a lot. I have really mixed feelings about the party and whether we should allow them to do it again.
On Saturday, I had my Day of the Dead party which was nice but really stressful. The altar we made is really beautiful. Maybe I will take pictures and post them here. Clean up was a bitch and I am still not done. I am not cooking another big meal until we get a stove and an oven.
Yesterday, I edited and then I went and saw the play PHOTOGRAPH: LOVERS IN MOTION on its last night. Very excellent show. I think they are planning to tour with it. My friend Benwas the stage manager and lighting manager (??) for this show. Afterwards, I went with him to the closing party where I got to hang with the wildly talented and lively cast and crew. The play was sponsored by a watch company and a liqueur company, but while no free watches came my way, too much free alcohol did.
Today I pay for it all. I think I am going to go to bed early today and try and get 12 hours of sleep.

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