blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

Four Eyed Monsters

Hey New York People--

Do any of you know these kids or anything about this movie?

I just read about these kids in Fast Company and thy look familiar, but then again they kinda look like every hipster in Williamsburg. I was really intrigued by the story of how they met:

Like many of his peers, 21-year-old Arin Crumley, a tall, Twissler- thin videographer living in Brooklyn, New York, went trawling for a girlfriend on the Internet, blasting noted to more than 100 likely prospects who had posted personals on Time Out New York's Web site. Shortly afterward, Susan Buice, also young, a self-styled "artist in theory, waitress in practice," clicked open his email: "What made you move to NY? Do you have any more pix? I think I might find you hot."

Unlike the others on Crumley's hit list, Buice decided to give him a chance and told him to drop by the restaurant where she workesd the late0night shift. Crumley showed up, but in disguise--sunglasses, a baseball cap--packing a video cameera and snapping surreptitious candids, the n trailing her as she left the restaurasnt for the subway. "Dear Stalker," Buice replied, after the photos arrived in her inbox. "So this is what the world sees. Just an innocent bystander. So pedestrian. Nothing liked the tragic hero I feel as I trudge through each day." She told him the typical date wouldn't do justice to the stqlaking experience. "We need to think of another unique scenario-- something challenging." He suggested they communicate without speaking, to avoid small talk.

For their first date, they wandered the Brooklyn waterfront, passing notes, drawing pictures, listening to msic on each other's IPods, but not talking.

It's probably schtick (Yiddish word meaning "an act"), but it could be good.

They also have some interesting little video podcasts where they pour their hearts out about art, love, and their blossoming careers as indie film darlings.
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