blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

coming up this weekend....

I am putting on this event, but I am having so much fear and anxiety that people will not show up. I am always scared that parties will fail....I hope free food will encourage people to come by. A number of my housemates will be out of town even though I announced this weeks in advance. Nonetheless, I hope it will be fun. Come one, come all. Read on.

Dia De Los Muertos (Mexican day of the Dead) dinner and craft party on Saturday, November 2nd 2002 at 8pm at the Flux Factory. We will be having a big Mexican dinner and a number of fun activities.The activities include:

· papel picado (Mexican paper art)

· decorating candles

· calaveras (Mexican cartoon art)

In addition, we will be creating a large altar to honor those who have passed recently. This altar will live at the Flux Factory for a few weeks as a beautiful installation..

It should be fun!! You can read more about Dia De Los Muertos at

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