blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

pending uglification of the city

Oh hell to the naw! I just noticed this on Gawker.
New York Observer decided to roll out this article about how it's now really popular for dudes in the city to be chunky slobs as opposed to all the 95 pound dudes kicking around town. This is not what I meant people!

Here's the best excerpt:
But don’t worry, Christian Bale and Brandon Routh and all you Equinox aerobics boys! Not every New York single gal has been won over by the resurgence of man flab. Katie Doyle, a pretty 21-year-old corporate-media blogger, is so not on board: “Fat rolls are disgusting....I’d rather sew my vagina shut.”

While I will not be going to such extreme measures as the impassioned Ms. Doyle. I really hope no attractive men read the New York Observer, and if they do I hope they read it, chuckle, and then head over for their regularly scheduled trip to the gym. Disaster averted.

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