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sxsw recap: day two (my feet burn for you)

We all woke up to go to the Filter magazine Blogger Brunch but first Wes and Rachel had to do a bit of blogging.
Rock and scroll...

I met a lot of influential bloggers and ate some decent breakfast tacos. From the Blogger Brunch, Wes and I tried to go see Elliott Brood at the Vice Party but couldn't figure out where it was. So we went over to find Rachel at The Drink where Levy was playing. Levy wasn't ready yet so we went over to the Paste party where we had yummy barbeque. I met some people who work at Intel and saw a band called Modern Skirts play one song. Then back to the Levy show.

Adam and I walked and talked for a good long while and ran into Joel from Death Vessel and members of the band Thin Man. We walked and talked and walked for probably two hours. Then we met up with the rest of the band, and went for a drink. From there I went to see another one of my bands ,The TunaHelpers. Suffice to say the band is FANTASTIC and not only do they have great music but they also have puppetry, great costumes, and sign language. See them when they come to your town. I have them touring a LOT.

From there I went to La Zona Rosa where I hung with Adam and Tim Glasseye and Amanda Dresden Dolls. We saw Blackheart Procession who were SO disappointing. Just so dull and the singer was awful. Then we went over to the Billions agency showcase (Billions is a hot shit agency that I'd love to be bought out by in the near future.)We saw a boring band called Over The Rhine. From there we hopped over to the Jolie Holland show.

from this show I tried to get into Neko Case with Nigel and some friends but the line was insane. They insisted they were going to go see Tapes n Tapes (a big buzz band at the moment) but I thought it would be a lost cause. I kept getting texted about a hip hop show by Tim Glasseye but my body (operating on 4 hours of sleep and little nourishment) told me to go home and lay down. So I did.


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