blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

live from hipster mardi gras

Haven't updated in a few because....I'm at SXSW, beeyotches!
Will blog extensively with full color photos, but for now, here are the highlights:
- I saw MORRISSEY!!!! It was one of the best shows I've ever seen!
- I met Steve LeMacq--the most influential British radio DJ, and a person I admire in general.
- Met Patrick Epiclylaterd who was down here with Ryan McGinley and some other friends because they are following the whole Moz tour. Patrick is totally cute gangly awkward skater boy but he has a girlfriend :(
- Saw Jamie Cullum who was A-MAZING. Apparently he's totally deluged the UK scene, so all the Brits I was hanging with last night are sick of him, but he was great. A total tiny dynamo.
- I SAW MORRISSEY!!! He was on fire the whole time!
- I saw The Zutons who were fantastic.
- I sat next to the Gang of Four's manager on the plane.
- I hung with Brooklyn Vegan(influential blogger) and Aziz (popular young NYC comedian) and rode with them (and BV's GF and Rachel Underrated, and friendWes) in the back of a truck migrant worker style.
- I SAW frikkin MORRISSEY!!! He's a fucking dynamo!
- One of my bands got invited to play Boonaroo which is the hugest concert in the states (40,000+ people).
- Today is Art Brut or bust. Tonight I want to see Forward Russia and We Are Scientists and many other skinny white boys. Tonight is my last hurrah. I may not go to sleep. I have Superschmoozing(TM) to do.
Tags: epiclylaterd, gang of four, jamie cullum, morrissey, skinnywhiteboywatch, steve lemacq, sxsw

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