blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

copenhagen here i come/ funny men up next

By formal decree, two tone hair has now been outlawed. Yes, I know that it can be done to pleasing effect, but I have seen it abused far too much, so I'm shutting everyone off. If you are an offender you have two weeks to pick one hair color and go with it.

So it's come to this. I am having to make myself a list of friends so I can remember to call people to hang out. I love my friends, I just forget to call people. People who live in the neighborhood are in the first tier: </a></b></a>labrujah, </a></b></a>avphibes, </a></b></a>talentshow, and </a></b></a>mollycrabapple I'll be buggin you first! You? Me? Molly's show Saturday night?? Unh yeah. I'll be in my party dress (unless it snows..).

Just saw this Danish Muslim comedian on Nightline, Omar Marzouk. I thought he sorta looked like </a></b></a>uberdionysus.

Omar seemed like a cool guy.
Maybe I'll move to Denmark when everything simmers down?

I'm an Arab. Should I boycott myself? - Omar Marzouk


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