blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

Attempt #1: I'm Trying

For Rougewench:
After work, instead of going straight home I went to a gallery show which was part of this. It was very scene-y. Being alone is frowned upon at sceney events. Nonetheless, I tried to hang around alone for as long as possible. Actually, I stood outside pretending I was waiting for someone (glancing at my mobile or my watch every two seconds/ looking up and down the street in an annoyed fashion). Actually I was waiting for someone--anyone--I knew to show up so I could cruise the show without looking suspect. No one showed up so I left at my arbitrary deadline of 6:40.
On my walk home I noticed there was a movie opening on 23rd Street at the Clearview Cinema. It ended up being "Rules of Attraction", a film starring Dawson from Dawson's Creek and a bunch of other no names who may or may not have also starred in WB programs. It was wild; the crowd break down was 75% photographers, 7% autograph hounds, 13% actual moviegoers, 3% looky-loos (like me), 2% fans (but weird obsessed ones who knew all the photographers).I waited 40 minutes for the 'stars' to show and when they did start to trickle in, it was so anticlimactic. Most of the stars had to tell the photographers who they were. Here is a list of who I saw: Jesse __, Scott ___, Brett Easton Ellis (the writer, he apparently also wrote 'American Psycho'...which I have heard of), Mike ____, Guillermo _____, Amy _____, Ian Somerhalder (who I only know of because he didn't this actress I used to know), Shannon Sossman (she looked like Angelina Jolie but I'd never seen or heard of her before), and James Van Der Beek (Dawson of Dawson's Creek fame) and his girlfriend/wife whose name I didn't catch but who i gathered was also some sort of 'star'. The place started to get wildly out of control and I was bored and it was raining so I went home.

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