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Today I finished reading Superstud by Paul Feig (creator of Freaks and Geeks). The book is a humiliating account of how the writer managed to remain a virgin until he was 24. It's a laugh out loud funny--though sometimes shocking and sometimes depressing--and quick read.

Today I perused the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist just out of curiosity about what was going on there. It's a good concept, too bad the world is a sketchy place. Otherwise I could get some "super delux lovin' tonight".

Today I discovered that one of my favorite movies, Wim Wenders' Until The End of The World, is available on DVD--though not in the US. I am adding it to my list of gifts to get myself in the near future.

Here is a brief synopsis:
Until The End of the World is an odyssey for the modern age. As with Homer's Odyssey, the purpose of the journey is to restore sight -- a spiritual reconciliation between an obsessed father and a deserted son. Dr. Farber, in trying to find a cure for his wife's blindness, has created a device that allows the user to send images directly to the brain, enabling the blind to see. The creation and operation of such a machine is in stark contrast to a deteriorating global situation, where the continued existence of mankind is under threat from a nuclear powered satellite that is falling toward earth. Until The End of the World is a tale of love and hope -- a metaphor for the journey we must all take toward our future the ultimate road movie.

Today I wondered whether it was possible to be in love with a band, a movie, a song, a voice, a note. In the past few months, music and movies have made my heart flutter more than anything/anyone.

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