blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

The Week Every Show was On Point

Much to my dismay, one of my favorite bands, Be Careful Little Hands decided to call it quits this week after only a few years together. This band will be sorely missed, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that these great musicians will soon be back in new incarnations to please the world.

BCLH, at North Star, in more hopeful times.

In the meantime, I think I have met a tremendous new favorite band. I dashed into The Undisputed Heavyweights show at Arlene's Grocery, 20 minutes late after some other plans fell through. I figured I'd get there just in time for one brief final song. BOY! Was I ever wrong. I was treated too three PHENOMENAL songs and one of THE BEST live performers I've ever seen in this city. Casey Shea is all at once a lovely singer, a total lunatic, a dynamic performer, and one of the most hilarious foolish white boys I've ever seen strut around a stage. So great.

The band is playing again on Sunday the 29th at Galapagos and while I lament that they do not have an album, I don't think there is anyway an album could capture the awesomeness anyway. Definitely check this band out, boys and girls. Honestly, if gillmoreboy tells you to check out a band, just do it. He is excessively tall and excessively European, but he knows good music.

Song: Torch Song - Be Careful Little Hands

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