blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

a 180...maybe

All of a sudden I stopped and thought about Brokeback Mountain again and started to find it mildly offensive. This highly celebrated "love story" about two repressed gay men who have no ability to grow up, face responsibility, or deal with the consequences of their actions decide instead to have a 20 year long affair wherein they attempt to re-kindle the passion of a month-long affair they had as young men.
What exactly are we celebrating here?
The fact that right wingers aren't wildly outraged might mean that I should be way more offended by this movie.
On second thought instead of recommending Brokeback Mountain, I am going to re-recommend Breakfast on Pluto. Cillian Murphy is way more heartbreakingly beautiful than Jake Gyllenhaal anyway...ahhh, those cheekbones.

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