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I have become a podcast junkie in the past 6 months so I just wanted to recommend a few great podcasts for those of you who don't know where to start:

1) Daily Sourcecode - - Adam Curry is the Podfather. HE is cute, hilarious, and insanely pro podcast. You can find out about lots more great podcasts and the latest in podcast news by listening to this.

2) Dawn and Drew- 2 punks fall in love and move to a farm in Wisconsin - These people are super crazy funny pervs. So funny =

3) Tower of Song - - 100% high high quality independent podsafe music (mostly indie rock from around the globe)

There are also a ton of LOST-related podcasts but in order to not drive myself crazy I only listen to

4) Ryan and Jen's LOSTcast - - They live in Honolulu and see the cast shooting all the time and seem to get the inside scoop. Even some LOST cast members listen to the show.

I also listen to

5) The Official LOST podcast done by producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. You get exlusive interviews with cast members and the producers answer fan questions and give more insight. Very excellent.

I also have to recommend

6)The Solos records podcast because this is the label my brother (DJ Yao) and his friends run in the Bay Area AND they play good hip hop

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